Origin & mission

The John Cockerill Foundation was set up in 2017, on the eve of the bicentenary of the John Cockerill Group. Its purpose is to structure the company’s sponsorship policy, and, over the past four rich and intense years, more than 35 projects have been rolled out in the fields of history, heritage, culture and social issues.

The world is changing. The needs of Society are also changing. In 2021, these elements prompted us to overhaul our vision of our role, and led us to review our positioning and our strategy.

All over the world, communities face multiple and complex challenges. We intend to support them in making their living conditions more dignified and, on a daily basis, we are coordinating a series of initiatives targeting a better world. Our actions are carried out according to the principle of mixed sponsorship, i.e. financial and in-kind investments, through the provision of skills, products or services.

We are focusing our efforts on tangible, local projects that are in synergy with the sustainable development objectives of the United Nations and those of development cooperation: the reduction of poverty and inequalities, access to vital resources and education, improvement of well-being and quality of life.

Alone I go faster, together we go further.” This African proverb perfectly summarises the advantages of collective intelligence. In accordance with this vision, we want to bring together and channel all the positive energies, with a view to coming up with new and innovative solutions that meet the needs of communities. To build tomorrow’s better world today.


Mission Book

Setting targets to achieve our ambitions

Think globally: The action of the Foundation is deployed internationally and, more specifically, in the preferred areas of activity of the John Cockerill Group.

Act local: The Foundation’s action is aimed at a clearly identified / identifiable community.

Projec’st cycle:  The Foundation favours projects with a sustainable impact, and is committed to a long-term follow-up.

Appropriation: The Foundation belongs to everyone. Everyone is free to benefit from it in line with its philosophy.

Meaning: The Foundation nurtures relationships and cultivates meaning.

Inspiration: The Foundation is a shining light that inspires and becomes an example to follow.

Sustainability: The Foundation strives to reduce its impact on the planet, as well as the impact of the actions carried out.

A philosophy and a state of mind

To achieve the mission it has set for itself, the John Cockerill Foundation draws on essential values. Values ​​that are also integrated into the Charter of the Foundation.

Humane: we respect all human beings and value openness, consideration, empathy and goodwill towards all

Committed: we take a stand and act to defend our values; we believe in what we do and we are proud of it

Responsible: we act in a thoughtful manner and take the consequences of our actions and inactions into consideration; we are ambassadors of the societal approach of the John Cockerill Foundation

Innovative: we value technical, technological, conceptual and methodological innovation, and seek to put our creativity and originality at the service of the causes we defend, with a progressive approach

Project-oriented: our priority is to implement concrete projects and solutions that meet the needs of the communities in a sustainable and collective way.

Ethics: we act in accordance with an egalitarian, equitable and universal morality, and with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and fair practices.

A collective governance

The governance of the John Cockerill Foundation revolves around three main entities.

The Board of Directors, which is in charge of strategy, is made up of the Chairman, four Directors, a member of the Executive Committee and a representative of the employees of the John Cockerill Group.

The Executive Committee is the body for consultation and tactical decision-making. It is made up of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and one or more employees of the John Cockerill Group, whose specific skills are made available to the John Cockerill Foundation.

The Selection Committee is responsible for evaluating and selecting the projects supported by the John Cockerill Foundation throughout the world. It is made up of a representative of the Executive Secretariat and several employees of the John Cockerill Group, who are appointed for a period of one year. The Selection Committee meets twice a year.

The daily management is carried out by the Executive Secretariat.