The Foundation and Partage & Solidarité: an exciting project to improve healthcare in Madagascar

08 August 2023

The John Cockerill Foundation and Partage & Solidarité have joined forces to carry out a major humanitarian project in Madagascar, aimed at improving healthcare in the rural commune of Port Bergé. This collaboration was born out of a shared commitment to helping disadvantaged populations, particularly children, to offer them better life opportunities and ensure access to essential medical care. Thanks to this partnership, the two organisations have been able to realise their vision of a more equitable and sustainable future for the people of this Madagascan region.

Since its creation in 1990, Partage & Solidarité, an Alsatian NGO made up entirely of volunteers, has been committed to helping children whose fundamental rights are not guaranteed. Working with local associations, they have sponsored around 200 children and students in Tananarive and Port Bergé since 2009. The main objectives of their sponsorship are to combat malnutrition, provide access to education and access to basic medical care. Their efforts have already brought a glimmer of hope to the lives of many young Madagascans.

Port Bergé, a rural commune in Madagascar, is facing serious problems of access to medical care. The region’s public hospital is in an advanced state of disrepair and lacks adequate equipment. The population often cannot afford to use private facilities. Faced with this critical situation, the Franciscan Sisters of Madagascar have mobilised to offer a local, quality and trustworthy alternative to the population in distress.

Known for their dedication to helping the most vulnerable, their mission is to offer quality medical and preventive care while developing partnerships to meet the specific needs of the population.
Thanks to the partnership between Partage & Solidarité and the Franciscan Sisters of Madagascar, an ambitious project to build a dispensary is underway. The aim of the dispensary is to improve care and prevention in terms of hygiene, health and contraception in the Port Bergé region.

“At the Foundation, we want to play an important role in this humanitarian project by contributing our technological expertise and financial resources. We have helped to finance the completion of the dispensary’s main building and the renovation of the annex used for care and prevention activities. Thanks to this support, the dispensary will soon be able to open its doors to welcome those in need of vital medical care”. Véronique Sorlet, General Manager of the Foundation.

Another challenge facing the dispensary is the lack of stability of the electricity network and the frequent periods of drought, which make access to water difficult. However, thanks to the Foundation’s commitment, the dispensary will be equipped with sustainable and clean systems to ensure its autonomy in terms of water and electricity. Solutions such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems will be put in place to ensure the sustainability of essential health services.

The dispensary in Port Bergé will soon become a reality, offering local people essential healthcare and the chance to live in a healthier, more prosperous environment. Through this collaboration, the John Cockerill Foundation, Partage & Solidarité and the Franciscan Sisters of Madagascar have shown that they are always ready to tackle the most pressing humanitarian challenges and work together for a better world.