The John Cockerill Foundation joins forces with WorldSkills Belgium to support the technical trades of the future industry

27 October 2022

The future of technical professions is a major challenge for the industry of tomorrow. This is why the John Cockerill Foundation has entered into a three-year partnership with World Skills Belgium and Agoria. Because building tomorrow’s better world today requires training, technology and commitment.

The ambition of the John Cockerill Foundation is to support the creation of new career paths focused on Industry 4.0 and technology. WorldSkills and the John Cockerill Foundation share values and a vision: technology and people for a greater cause, to both improve the lives of communities and develop the industry of tomorrow.

WorldSkills is an association in charge of promoting manual and technical trades. It is part of an international movement that organizes a WorldSkills Competition in even-numbered years and a European Championship in odd-numbered years. During these events, more than 1,400 competitors from all continents measure their skill level in more than 50 different trades, and 500 in 45 trades for the European competition.

The John Cockerill Foundation is committed to supporting the competitors and is involved in the coaching program for these young technical talents.


First meeting at Startech’s Days from November 13 to 15

The John Cockerill Foundation can count on the talents and technologies of the John Cockerill Group to support the development of technical professions that meet the needs of tomorrow’s industry. This is why the John Cockerill Foundation will participate in Startech’s Days, organized from November 13 to 15 in Ciney (Belgium). John Cockerill’s technologies will be presented by the experts who develop them, particularly in terms of renewable energy and sustainable mobility.


More information on WorldSkills Belgium via this link and see you at Startech’s Days.