The John Cockerill Foundation supports Worldskills and the Belgian Red Bears: Nurturing excellence in technical trades.

06 September 2023

The Euroskills competition currently being held in Gdansk brings together more than 578 participants from 31 countries in 42 trades. They are a true reflection of excellence in technical skills. The Foundation is proud and excited to be supporting the Belgian Red Bears in Poland, a team of talented young Belgians currently taking part in the Euroskills European Skills Championship in Gdansk.

For almost a year, the John Cockerill Foundation has been involved in a strategic partnership with Worldskills, an organisation dedicated to promoting manual and technical trades on an international scale. The partnership also aims to support competitors taking part in the WorldSkills competition, held in even-numbered years, and the European Skills Championship, held in odd-numbered years.

As a fervent supporter of innovation, technical education and the future of industry, we have chosen to become actively involved in this programme. The Foundation’s commitment extends beyond mere financial support, as we are convinced that the promotion of technical professions and the development of skills are essential for the future of industry and society as a whole.

By partnering with Worldskills, we share the vision that technology and manual skills are invaluable assets in solving the challenges of the modern world. Together, we are working to inspire and train the next generation of technical professionals, preparing them to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 and contribute to the progress of society. 

This partnership represents another step towards a future where technical skills are fully recognised and celebrated for their contribution to building a better world.