Financial sponsorship vs. skills sponsorship?

30 November 2022

On Monday evening, in Brussels, we had the pleasure to attend the launch of the new platform of Prométhéa asbl.

Véronique Sorlet, General Manager of the John Cockerill Foundation, spoke about the importance for a company like John Cockerill to involve its employees in the deployment of its societal commitment actions.

Participating in the activities of the John Cockerill Foundation is also an opportunity for the employee to take up new challenges, to collaborate with colleagues from other departments/sectors and to acquire new skills. The advantage is that a happy employee is an efficient employee. In this respect, the Foundation is a tool for the John Cockerill Group’s human resources department to retain its talents.

We strongly believe in combining all forms of sponsorship to build a better world. This is why we are proud to support the design and launch of a digital platform dedicated to skills sponsorship alongside Triodos Bank, Extia, Allen & Overy and the National Lottery.

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