Itinérances, a special journey

2021-2022, Belgium

Every child, regardless of his or her family situation, has the right to develop in an environment that provides well-being and dignity.

06. Clean water and sanitation
10. Reduced inequalities

My satisfaction? The impatience of the children before arriving at their parent's house and the joy after the visit.

In Belgium, 17,000 children are confronted with the incarceration of one of their parents, most often the father (90% of cases). One child out of two never visits his or her incarcerated parent because of the distance between the child’s home and the prison, but also because of precariousness, lack of transportation or a destructured family situation.

The Red Cross Itineraries program offers children the opportunity to be accompanied to visit their parent and during the trip, to enjoy a moment of dialogue and psychosocial support with the accompanier. The role of the escort is to listen, to contribute to the emotional and physical safety of the child and to be the neutral link between the family and the detainee.

Each year, 422 caregivers are trained by the Red Cross to supervise 312 children from 0 to 18 years old. Thus, 1600 visits are organized each year.







40.000 €

cash support

Interested by the impact and added value of the Itinerances program, we decided to support the initiative for two years. Thus participating in the creation of balance and links for these young generations.