Home of the Legionnaire “Vicent Llorca”


The Tercio de Extranjeros Foundation is a national non-profit organization whose principles of action are inspired by the values of comradeship, loyalty and solidarity that are part of the essence of the armed forces in general and the Legion in particular. In accordance with these principles, the objectives of the Foundation are the social promotion of those who, having served in the ranks of the Legion, are currently destitute, uprooted, without family or simply homeless. Secondly, the promotion of educational, cultural and sports activities to facilitate the social and professional integration of the personnel linked to the institution. And finally, the institutional strengthening by seeking to preserve the historical memory of the Legion.

Awareness raising & training of children and women in tea plantations

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis in its post-independence history in any sector. The entire population is affected by this crisis, which has resulted in a food crisis due to shortages of essential commodities. Generally, it is women who are the most impacted because they must continue their search for income while suffering the consequences (including domestic violence) of the frustrations of hunger, fears and uncertainties of their entourage regarding the future.

Ecole Du Bon Berger


Ecole du Bon Berger (EBB) is an affordable private school located in Nyamata, Rwanda. Established in 2017 by Justine and Robert Murenzi, the school now has over 827 students, 15% of whom are fully sponsored by Ruti Group's "Promotion D'un Bel Avenir" (PBA) Foundation. The project is located in the countryside and directly affects low-income households that would have difficulty providing a good education for their children.

Doi Tung


The Mae Fah Luang Foundation believes that "people" are both the root cause and the solution to social and environmental problems. It therefore starts with human development, because "no one wants to be bad, it's just that they don't have the opportunity to be good".