Improving children’s safety and well-being

2024, Ukraine

Gurtum Charity Foundation is a collective of volunteers committed to effectively rebuilding damaged buildings following the war that began on February 24, 2022. Their main objective is to help victims restore urgently needed housing and infrastructure in unoccupied territories. They have successfully restored a range of infrastructures, including residential buildings, schools and outpatient clinics. Beyond reconstruction, their initiatives extend to clearing debris, cleaning up the area, organizing various community events, and providing general assistance to those affected by the destruction.

03. Good health and well-being

It was at the “Rebuild Ukraine” trade fair in November 2023 that we met and exchanged ideas with representatives of the Gurtum Charity Foundation. The aim of our presence at the fair was to find a partner to carry out a project that would enable us to contribute to improving the living conditions of children in Ukraine, or in connection with the situation in this country.


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Following a number of discussions with the Gurtum Charity Foundation, we were impressed by their commitment to the local population and children, and by the projects they have carried out or are in the process of carrying out. It was while looking through the projects in progress and awaiting support that we decided to finance the completion of the construction of 2 children’s shelters. The aim is to make the shelters pleasant, beautiful and fairytale-like, using high-quality materials so that children associate the shelter less with danger, feel comfortable there and feel less stress when they have to go there after the alarms go off.

The first shelter, called “The Hobbit’s House”, is designed to accommodate around 170 children from an elementary school in Gostomel. The work to be carried out includes finishing the entrance, the interior (ceiling, paintwork, etc.) and the exterior, electrical work, purchasing furniture and equipment, fitting out the cinema room and installing the “zoo”.

The second shelter is located in Ozero Village and will accommodate 160 children. The decor will be based on a space theme. The work to be carried out includes the creation of a detailed design project with all the technical requirements for the decorations and installation of the UFO, the purchase of materials and decorative elements, the reinforcement of the ground, the purchase and placement of turf, the preparation of the foundations for the UFO structure and its construction, the landscaping of the surrounding area…

Nowadays, educational establishments are required by law to have a shelter. It is therefore essential to equip every school with shelters, so that children can return to school safely and face-to-face.

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