L’Univers de Raph

2024, Belgium

In the Walloon region, 128,000 families have to cope with the upheaval caused by their child's diagnosis of disability. The news brings with it profound changes. Often, one of the parents has to give up his or her job to care for the child. Additional disability-related expenses pile up, putting almost half of these families in a precarious financial situation. The child's lack of autonomy creates a high level of dependence on the parents throughout his or her life, impacting not only family dynamics, but also social and marital relationships. Nearly 80% of these parents separate. What's more, they often face a veritable "obstacle course" to obtain information and solutions adapted to their daily lives. These multiple challenges hamper their ability to fully support their child, compromising their own personal development as well as their physical and mental health.

10. Reduced inequalities

L’univers de Raph, founded in 2022 and based in Belgium, embodies a community committed to supporting and accompanying people with disabilities, particularly those affected by autism. Founded on values of inclusion, respect and solidarity, the organization strives to create a caring environment where each individual can reach their full potential. Through a wide range of activities and programs, they aim to foster the autonomy, personal development and social integration of community members.
The dedicated team of qualified professionals and passionate volunteers work with determination to offer individualized support, tailored to each person’s specific needs. Whether through therapy sessions, creative workshops, cultural events or educational outings, everyone aspires to enrich the lives of beneficiaries and promote a more inclusive and egalitarian society.

In 2023, the association launched a fundraising campaign to develop a digital platform listing existing support solutions in Wallonia and Brussels. From associations to parent-founded initiatives to disability-friendly venues, over 250 organizations offering solutions are currently listed. The aim is to highlight these resources and make them accessible to the families concerned via the platform.



30.368 €




Thanks to numerous donations, such as that from the John Cockerill Foundation, the platform project has become a reality. Our foundation supports the platform development project because we place great importance on social inclusion and support for people with disabilities, aligning our values with the mission of Raph’s Universe. By supporting this project, we are helping to strengthen access to resources and services for the families concerned, thereby promoting their well-being and integration into society.

In addition, the Foundation recognizes the importance of community and collaborative initiatives in resolving social challenges. By investing in the development of the Raph’s Universe platform, it encourages social innovation and the creation of sustainable solutions to meet the needs of people with disabilities and their families. Finally, our support for this project demonstrates our commitment to local development and capacity-building for non-profit organizations.