Homa Bay


Homa Bay is a small town of 30,000 people located on the southern shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya. The entire region was facing numerous water shortages due to incessant cuts in supply services as well as burst pipes.

Adjahui’s Maternity

Ivory Coast

At the end of 2019, John Cockerill Services' teams in Côte d'Ivoire (Africa) approached the John Cockerill Foundation. The purpose was to examine the financing of a technical quality water distribution project for a birthing center in the Commune of Adjahui in Abidjan.



Named after a little girl of Indonesian origin whom we met during a trip, the Indah association was created in 2015. Its mission is to support local initiatives working for access to education and child protection in various countries.

The Nest Home


The Nest Home is a project in southern Kenya with three locations in Nairobi and Limuru. Its objective is to take care of children whose parents have died or are in prison. The association sets up support and social and economic reintegration processes (reception, education, medical care, schooling, etc.). About a hundred children and about thirty infants, whose traumatic load must be reduced, are taken in charge by the association. Not financed by the African state, the association, which is internationally recognized, lives on funds mainly from abroad. The association wanted to become energy independent, reduce its energy costs and, in addition, store and treat rainwater.