The Nest Home


The Nest Home is a project in southern Kenya with three locations in Nairobi and Limuru. Its objective is to take care of children whose parents have died or are in prison. The association sets up support and social and economic reintegration processes (reception, education, medical care, schooling, etc.). About a hundred children and about thirty infants, whose traumatic load must be reduced, are taken in charge by the association. Not financed by the African state, the association, which is internationally recognized, lives on funds mainly from abroad. The association wanted to become energy independent, reduce its energy costs and, in addition, store and treat rainwater.

Eclat de Rire


L'Eclat de Rire is a place of welcome, meetings and expressions located in the multicultural district of Sainte-Walburge in Liege (Belgium). The association, composed of a professional and motivated team, works daily with children and adults who have social, linguistic or economic difficulties. The John Cockerill Foundation supports Eclat de Rire in its development through financial support as well as through technical and human support.



The John Cockerill Foundation works for the safety of young people in the use of new technologies. We are the partner of ECPAT Belgium, member of ECPAT International, the only network exclusively dedicated to the fight against (sexual) exploitation of children.

Covid-19 actions

Belgium - France - Maroc

True to our convictions, during the Covid-19 crisis we coordinated and deployed actions to respond to frontline health needs. The objective was to support existing initiatives and/or create new ones for the benefit of structures such as hospitals, reception centres, Red Cross, health care workers, etc. John Cockerill Group employees wishing to take part in these actions during their period of temporary unemployment were given the opportunity to express themselves via an internal appeal. In total, around fifty employees contributed directly or indirectly to the actions carried out. They were joined by a volunteer network of almost 50 external volunteers.