Support to the Indah association for the dignity of women and the education of children

2021, Rwanda

Named after a little girl of Indonesian origin whom we met during a trip, the Indah association was created in 2015. Its mission is to support local initiatives working for access to education and child protection in various countries.

04. Quality education
08. Decent work and economic growth

... it makes this partnership so meaningful to have so many John Cockerill employees following the process.

Stéphanie Poumay Fondatrice Association Indah

The association works in collaboration with privileged local partners. Indeed, these partners are the most capable of identifying and responding to the needs of the population while respecting their culture and specific context: ethnic, social, political and economic. Indah’s philosophy is to provide support in the realization of these projects.

Indah and the John Cockerill Foundation are the story of a human collaboration that has been built over time.

In concrete terms, since 2020, the John Cockerill Foundation has been providing structural support to the association and, by extension, to the sponsorship program set up with the Amizero association (which means hope in Kinyarwanda) in Rwanda to enable women to regain their dignity and allow the younger generations to start their lives on a better footing (schooling, food aid).


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The John Cockerill Foundation also participates in many of Indah’s activities: Yoga4Mada, Move4Indah fundraising for the reconstruction of the Ambanpitiya center (Sri Lanka), solidarity jogging, women’s day, solidarity store…