Access to clean water is a universal right

2022, Kenya

Homa Bay is a small town of 30,000 people located on the southern shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya. The entire region was facing numerous water shortages due to incessant cuts in supply services as well as burst pipes.

06. Clean water and sanitation
12. Responsible consumption and production

Thanks to the work of our foundation, the John Cockerill Group adds a touch of humanity to its business projects.

Samuel Delobbe John Cockerill Environment

Supported by the Kenyan government and the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation, the local authorities decided to rehabilitate, upgrade and secure the water supply and treatment infrastructure for the entire region.

John Cockerill Environment designed and built a sustainable and carbon neutral system (80% solar energy). This system now produces a sufficient quantity of quality water: 8500 m³/day for a population of 116,000 people.


solar panels



20.000 €


8500 m³


The water, stored in large tanks, is used by many structures. However, neither the local market nor the nearby school was part of this large master plan and therefore not connected to the new water network.

We have therefore decided to finance the connection of these two entities, thus considerably improving the sanitary conditions of the populations.