The John Cockerill Foundation supports Eclat de Rire asbl in its development

2019, Belgium

L'Eclat de Rire is a place of welcome, meetings and expressions located in the multicultural district of Sainte-Walburge in Liege (Belgium). The association, composed of a professional and motivated team, works daily with children and adults who have social, linguistic or economic difficulties. The John Cockerill Foundation supports Eclat de Rire in its development through financial support as well as through technical and human support.

04. Quality education
10. Reduced inequalities

This collaboration brings added value to our projects and a real breath of fresh air for the association.

Fabienne Laterza

L’Eclat de Rire offers a daily homework and free time program for children in elementary school.

For adults, the association offers courses in learning French as a foreign language, integration and citizenship programs as well as workshops on parenting.

To ensure the availability of participants, Eclat de Rire created a few years ago a drop-in center, Escale Bébés. This structure, in connection with the ONE (Office de la naissance et de l’enfance), allows parents to have their child(ren) looked after during their training at Eclat de Rire.

The activities of the Éclat de Rire contribute to the socialization and the blooming of the people of the district or the surroundings, regularly attending the ASBL. They allow them to participate in social, economic, political and cultural life, while promoting intercultural exchange.



15.000 €

annual support





The partnership between Eclat de Rire and the John Cockerill Foundation began in 2019 and will end in 2022. The objective is, on the one hand, to allow the association to set up solid tools in order to perpetuate its financial resources, and on the other hand, to finance specific projects such as the organization of the annual jogging “1h for L’Eclat de Rire”, workshops to raise awareness of the practice of healthy eating, the purchase of materials for creative workshops, the organization of a camp for children, the organization of “nature & adventure” and “science” courses…

Eclat de Rire