Let’s all have the De clic

2021, Belgium

The John Cockerill Foundation works for the safety of young people in the use of new technologies. We are the partner of ECPAT Belgium, member of ECPAT International, the only network exclusively dedicated to the fight against (sexual) exploitation of children.

10. Reduced inequalities

The experience was very rewarding for the young people who participated in these workshops. They got caught up in the game and, I believe, learned a lot. I can also say that I learned a lot from them.

Emmanuelle Vacher ECPAT Belgium

The (De)clic initiative, developed by ECPAT Belgium, is a project to educate young people by young people about the risks associated with the use of new technologies. ECPAT reminds us that the Internet can expose minors to different types of abuse such as cyber-bullying (online harassment), sexting/sextortion (exchange of sexual material, which can lead to blackmail and threats) or grooming (the fact that an adult tries to gain the trust of a child in order to sexually abuse him or her).

Concretely, (De)clic aims to train young people through an interactive methodology that combines fun and participative activities to ensure maximum involvement from young people. The training aims to give children and teenagers sufficient tools to learn how to protect themselves from risks and to advise others. Indeed, it has been observed that a young person in difficulty is more likely to ask for help from someone his or her own age. In order to reach as many young people as possible, the trainings are organized in schools, in youth movements and in drop-in centers.




youth trained on the program

10.000 €



Child Focus emergency number

We are helping ECPAT to prepare the (De)clic social project by financing 12 training and awareness sessions. In spite of the crisis, these sessions could be organized both in schools and during outdoor summer courses.

This project was selected because it makes sense with the current problems of our society. It also seems to us to be our responsibility to participate in the sensitization of our public to this type of phenomena.