Facilitating access to books and reading

2022, Belgium

Joli Livre is a non-profit organization created in 2020 whose goal is the desacralization and democratization of books and reading through cultural activities around books, whether they are itinerant or within its literary café located in the heart of Liege. Its mission is to make books, which are a formidable tool for discovery, education and emancipation, accessible to all.

04. Quality education
10. Reduced inequalities

If a child has not been familiar with reading before the age of 5, his or her field of possibilities is drastically reduced. Reading education is the raison d'être of the ASBL Joli Livre, whose mission is to make books accessible to everyone, and in particular, to children.

Noémie & Louise Founders of the asbl Joli Livre

After a year of opening Café Joli and developing its activities, it is clear that the target audience of the ASBL, namely families who are not very familiar with the world of books, do not spontaneously come and push the doors of the café, despite the free activities offered (such as, for example, the storytelling for children). The conclusion is clear: to reach its target audience, the ASBL must go out and meet them and not wait for them to (re)come by themselves.


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Faced with this observation, the idea of building a “bike library” was born. The idea is to build a mobile library offering quality books for children and teenagers. Children will be able to borrow a book and will be invited to bring it back the next time the “bike library” passes by. Ideally, the “bike library” would be composed of an electric bike coupled with a covered trailer housing the books and equipped with photovoltaic panels to recharge the battery and thus achieve energy self-sufficiency.

To make this idea a reality, the non-profit organization Joli Livre submitted it during our call for projects. The technical and technological challenge is essentially based on the coupling of the photovoltaic panels with the battery. Together, thanks to the expertise of our collaborators, we will design and put into service the “bike library”.