Making the end-of-life conditions of Legionnaires more dignified

2022, Spain

The Tercio de Extranjeros Foundation is a national non-profit organization whose principles of action are inspired by the values of comradeship, loyalty and solidarity that are part of the essence of the armed forces in general and the Legion in particular. In accordance with these principles, the objectives of the Foundation are the social promotion of those who, having served in the ranks of the Legion, are currently destitute, uprooted, without family or simply homeless. Secondly, the promotion of educational, cultural and sports activities to facilitate the social and professional integration of the personnel linked to the institution. And finally, the institutional strengthening by seeking to preserve the historical memory of the Legion.

03. Good health and well-being
06. Clean water and sanitation
07. Affordable and clean energy
10. Reduced inequalities

With the help of the John Cockerill Foundation, a new home near the Viator military base in Almería will soon be built. This house, completely renovated and adapted to the specific needs of the future inhabitants, will accommodate 7 veterans with a loss of autonomy.

Colonel Juan Antonio Díaz Díaz President of the Tercio de Extranjeros Foundation

As a non-profit organization, the “Tercio de Extranjeros” Foundation needs help to finance its projects, including the maintenance of houses where it welcomes veteran legionnaires who, after having given their youth and hopes to the Legion, find themselves in a situation of social and/or family uprooting and who, for reasons of age or health condition, need assistance.

In order to give them a home, a family and dignity, the Foundation intends to create a “Legionnaires’ Home” in a property located at the entrance of the “Álvarez de Sotomayor” Base, in Viator (Almería, Spain), headquarters of the Legion. This house, located on a property of 4,800 square meters, intends to be energy self-sufficient and will provide the necessary assistance to seven residents (care, cleaning of the premises, meals…) to allow them to spend the last years of their lives peacefully.


capacity of the home


total area of the property


existing homes


current residents

In order to contribute to improving the living conditions of the communities, we have chosen to support this project by making available to the Spanish Foundation, on the one hand, the technical skills of John Cockerill Group employees for the energy and wastewater treatment aspects and, on the other hand, by financing all or part of the equipment identified as necessary.